Letter to my Mom

The Write Project

Dear Ma,

Yesterday I saw a writing prompt (which is a suggestion to help people come up with something to write) at The Daily Post website that says,

“Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.”

Immediately I thought of one thing: I disrespected my mother. 

Maybe over the course of my life I have committed this sin many times, but one incident stands out: I am very sure you will never forget, as I won’t, the time I yelled and glared as I interrogated you on a story you had told me about an accident you’d had — a story I found implausible and in need of a cross-examination. I’m so sorry for bringing it up now, I know it’s a painful memory.

It was such a shameful, dishonorable thing that I did! To say I was rude would be a huge understatement; I was unloving, disrespectful…

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